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What We’ve Learned

"We can't build a future ready society with the same MindSet that created this crisis in the first place."

Disconnected Young Adults (mostly Blacks and Hispanics) are the fastest growing population segment in the world. Despite decades of social and educational reform, anti-poverty programs and expenditures of billions of dollars, the harsh reality is that today there are millions of young people unprepared to lead successful lives as adults. Evidence of this failure is everywhere: in the dropout epidemic that plagues our high schools, incarceration rates, and young adult unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression.

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Who is Behind Best MindSet?

The Best MindSet initiative is administered by Community Advancement Initiatives Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization originally operating in the Chicago metro area for 20 years and currently based in Phoenix, AZ with associates and advisors in 20 major metropolitan areas.  Since the early 90's we’ve worked on the front lines in underserved urban communities, about the time most 21st century millennials were hitting the ground.  It was easily our opinion (being civil rights advocates/change agents) that new agendas for social change and closing the economic and educational gaps were just around the corner, only to discover they were just the beginning of a parade of Anti-Poverty programs and Welfare-to-Work programs that ran through 5 Presidential administrations. 

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What Best MindSet is Doing!!

Best MindSet is using a transformational approach to rally disconnected young adults to tell their stories and contribute their ideas towards creating innovative solutions.  Best MindSet allows participants to join our social networking platform to interact with young adults nationwide and globally. This, in effect, creates the interactive network necessary to reach the massive number of disconnected young adults nationwide.  Also, by using familiar social media outlets, ideas can be shared about changing their lives and shaping their future.

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Take Action

Please support our vital work as one the nation’s most dedicated and committed initiatives to improving the lives of Disconnected Young Adults.  Together we can create both social and economic options to help millions of young adults achieve their full potential. Through power in numbers and our influence we will draw attention to the ongoing population of Disconnected Young Adults and inspire action that will shape the future for generations to come.

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